University of California, Los Angeles
September 2014 - June 2020
Ph.D. Statistics
Committee: Song-Chun Zhu, Ying Nian Wu, Qing Zhou, and Guido Montufar

University of Chicago
September 2010 - June 2014
BSc. Mathematics and BA. Statistics


University of Central Florida
August 2020 - present
Assistant Professor of Statistics and Data Science
Director of the Data Science Lab in the Department of Statistics and Data Science
Director of Data Science B.S. Program


Self Joint Supervised Learning. Navid Kardan, Mitch Hill, Mubarak Shah. ICLR 2022. [pdf]

Stochastic Security: Adversarial Defense Using Long-Run Dynamics of Energy-Based Models. Mitch Hill*, Jonathan Mitchell*, Song-Chun Zhu (*equal contributors). ICLR 2021. [pdf]

On the Anatomy of MCMC-based Maximum Likelihood Learning of Energy-Based Models. Erik Nijkamp*, Mitch Hill*, Tian Han, Song-Chun Zhu, and Ying Nian Wu (*equal contributors). AAAI 2020 (oral). [pdf]

Monte Carlo Methods. Adrian Barbu and Song-Chun Zhu (Mitch Hill credited as contributing author for Chapters 9, 10, and 11). Springer Singapore. 2020.

On Learning Non-convergent Non-persistent Short-run MCMC Toward Energy-Based Model. Erik Nijkamp, Mitch Hill, Song-Chun Zhu, and Ying Nian Wu. NeurIPS 2019. [pdf]

Divergence Triangle for Joint Training of Generator Model, Energy-Based Model, and Inference Model. Tian Han, Erik Nijkamp, Xiaolin Fang, Mitch Hill, Song-Chun Zhu, and Ying Nian Wu. CVPR 2019. [pdf]

Building a Telescope to Look into High-Dimensional Image Spaces. Mitch Hill, Erik Nijkamp, and Song-Chun Zhu. Quarterly of Applied Mathematics. 77(2): 269-321. 2019. [pdf]


EBM Life Cycle: MCMC Strategies for Synthesis, Defense, and Density Modeling. Mitch Hill*, Jonathan Mitchell*, Chu Chen, Yuan Du, Mubarak Shah, Song-Chun Zhu (*equal contributors). [pdf]


Undergraduate Level Instructor (at UCF)
Statistical Foundation of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence I (STA 4364). Fall 2020, Fall 2021.
Statistical Foundations of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence II (STA 4365). Spring 2022.

Graduate Level Instructor (at UCF)
Data Mining Methdology II (STA 6704). Spring 2021, Spring 2022. Asymptotic Theory of Big Data (STA 7734). Fall 2021. Statistical Applications of Matrix Algebra (STA 6329). Spring 2021.

Graduate Level Teaching Assistant (at UCLA)
Monte Carlo Methods for Optimization (STATS 202C). Spring 2016, 2017, 2018, and 2019.
Research Design, Sampling, and Analysis (STATS 201A). Fall 2017 and Fall 2018.
High-Dimensional Statistics (STATS 200C). Spring 2019.

Awards and Computing Grants

UCLA Dissertation Year Fellowship. Award to support final year of dissertation. Fall 2019 – June 2020.

Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) ASC170063. Grant for computing resources to support intensive deep learning projects. 2018 – 2020.

TPU Research Cloud (TRC) Program, sponsored by Google. Grant for TPU computing resources to support intensive deep learning projects. April 2021 -- present.

Languagues and Software

Python (Pytorch and Tensorflow), Matlab, R, C, LATEX